Your life on the road is tough. Long hours, changing hours, rough road conditions, demanding clients… You've been there, you've done that. And you love it. And now look who's here to join you!

Since 1914, BFGoodrich® racing tyres have proven their performance in all the major challenges and racing circuits, including the Baja 1000, Cross-Country Rally World Cup and Dakar, reeling in numerous trophies and victories over the years.

Truckers from different continents swear by their ruggedness. Whether you're trawling the long haul, weaving through the city jungle or busting through dirt and ice, BFGoodrich® is firmly on the truck and truck driver's side. For owner-driver, tipper driver, bus driver, coach driver and last mile delivery, there are tyres for every playing field and performance requirement. 

Grab your keys. It's time to work hard. And play hard!

Blue Sky Hauling
Trick question: Would you rather be cruising or grounded? No brainer! BFGoodrich® tyres work hard like you do, hauling your lorry over long miles and offering good value for your money!

Chomping at the Grit
Who's afraid of the big, bad load? Heavy civil construction is a big activity and no one's got time for downtime. Robust tyres that grip rocks, dust and asphalt see you through the whole construction site, day after day after day.

Choosing the Quickest Route
Quick, what's your safe braking distance in the rain? Admit it, when there are a thousand (it feels like) parcels to deliver and collect, sometimes you could do without… everyone else on the streets! BFGoodrich®, like truckers, is reliable, hardworking and shock resistant, so that you stay operational and agile.

No Time to Idle at the Kerb
Where did that cyclist come from?! BFGoodrich® bus tyres are your silent companions in keeping passengers safe while delivering them promptly to their stop. And you know the tyres are reliable because dedicated software tells you when to plan maintenance thanks to the integrated RFiD chip. You're free to focus on the street.

Travelling to a Change of Scenery
Which is your all-time favourite highway to drive? BFGoodrich® coach tyres are quieter and passengers are thankful as the low rolling noise hums them to sleep, confident in the knowledge that they're safe and will be somewhere new in a few hours.


BFGoodrich® can kit out your lorry wherever you are. Find here your tyre dealer quickly and easily!
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